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Benefits of Using Essential Oils

What we put IN, ON, and AROUND our bodies matter!!

Cardiovascular System Benefits

Circulatory System Benefits

  • Positive effect on blood circulation

  • Maintain Healthy Circulatory System

Digestive System Benefits

  • Support Upper Digestive Tract

  • Support Healthy Digestive System

  • Natural Comfort Teething Babies - Copaiba

  • Neutralizes acidity

  • Stabilizes pH levels

Endocrine & Nervous System Benefits

  • Maintain Hormone Balance

  • Support Ear Health & Eyes

  • Bedtime Support & Healthy Sleeping Patterns

  • Rub oil on your chest to encourage restful night's sleep - Frankincense, Lavender

  • Diffuse oil to enhance mental alertness and concentration - Lemon, Peppermint

  • Encourage Focus

  • Positive Behavior

  • Apply to your feet to help nervous energy - Frankincense

  • Put a drop of oil on your finger and press the roof of your mouth to encourage stress and tension relief - Frankincense

Reproductive System Benefits

  • Support Mom's Milk Supply

Integumentary System Benefits

  • Help Your Hair

  • Helps maintain a healthy-looking scalp - Tea Tree

  • Helps reduce blemishes - Tea Tree

  • Support Skin (Naturally Soothe Skin) & Nail Health & Skin Irritations

  • Balance Skin Tone

  • Support Healthy Complexion (rejuvenating & uplifting) - Copaiba

  • Support Occasional Skin Problems

Immune & Lymphatic System Benefits

  • Immune Support

Respiratory System Benefits

  • Helping to bring oxygen and nutrients to the tissues

  • Assisting in the disposal of carbon dioxide and other waste materials

  • Support Respiratory System

  • Support Upper Respiratory System

  • Support Healthy Throat

Skeletal System Benefits

  • Promote Joint Health

  • Soothe achy joints - Copaiba

Muscular System Benefits

  • Occasional Body Discomforts

  • Head Tension - Stress Away

  • Promote a healthy and easy recovery after a workout - Frankincense, Peppermint, Lemongrass

  • Soothe achy muscles - Copaiba

Urinary System Benefits

  • Help keep pH levels in balance

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