How to Use Essential Oils

There is a wide variety of uses of essential oils day to day. My absolute favorite way to use essential oils is by diffusing them into the air through a diffuser! Oils work super fast in the body! It takes 22 seconds for the molecules of the oils to reach the brain! Wow that's fast! It takes 2 minutes and they will be found in your bloodstream. By 20 minutes they will affect EVERY cell in the body!


By putting the oils on topically, that means putting the essential oils right on your skin. You can put them on your feet, wrists, temples...wherever you need support! But watch out, avoid the eye area!


Using the oils aromatically means diffusing them through a diffuser! You will add water and about 1-2 drops of your favorite essential oils into the diffuser and diffuse into the air! By diffusing oils is the fastest way to get oils into your system! Who would of thought that would be the fastest way into the body!!!


By using the dietary option, this is putting essential oils into your water or food! Young Living has a Vitality line used especially for this option! By using the oils in your food the oils act like a supplement!

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