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Lava Shell Massage

Updated: May 30, 2019

Summer is almost here, and when I think of summer, I think of the beach and shells!! Grab a shell and lets have a massage! I'm just kind of kidding you! A Lava Shell Massage is using a real shell, but no rough edges!

What is Lava Shell Massage?

Lava Shell Massage is a up and coming massage technique in the massage world, so many of you may not know what exactly Lava Shell is!! Lava Shell Massage is a type of heat treatment using Tiger-Striped Clam Shells.

Lava Shells are made with 100% authentic Tiger Striped Clam shells, each shell is hand-selected in the Philippine Islands for its unique size, shape, and structural integrity. Being an organic product, natural Lava Shells will vary in size, shape, color, and pattern.

The therapist inserts a sachet of algae, minerals and dried sea kelp into the shell, then adds an activator liquid. The chemical reaction between the activator and the "lava gel" sachet creates heat that can last up to a couple of hours. There is 3 levels of heat; mild, moderate, or high heat.

What are some benefits of Lava Shell Massage?

Lava Shell is full of heat to relax those tense, tight muscles most people have! The heat will relax the center of the muscles, releasing the entire muscle to relaxation. Another great bonus with Lava Shell is that the shells also give off calcium ions when heated, which transfers to your skin during the massage. Calcium can help to firm and regenerate the skin.

Some other benefits include: Boost circulation of blood and lymph Relaxing Soothes muscles without a lot of pressure

Soothes aches and pains Reduce swelling Reduce water retention

Shell gives off calcium ions (helps firm and regenerate the skin)

Help reduce the appearance of cellulite

Break down fatty deposits

Help the body's own metabolism eliminate waste deposits

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