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Hand Reflexology

Did you know the human hand consist of 27 bones?!!! 8 bones in the carpus or wrist, 5 bones in the metacarpus or palm and 14 bones or phalanges in the fingers!!

The hands are a particularly useful area to learn to work for two main reason:

  1. They are a valid alternative if a foot cannot be treated for any reason

  2. They are an easier area to treat yourself or for patients to work on themselves

Why Reflexology on the Hands?

  • Your hands are far less sensitive than the feet

  • It is easy to work on your own hands, and you can also show patients how they can work daily on theirs

  • Helps patients to learn to take responsibility for their own health problems, which is an essential part for continued good health

  • The locations of the hand reflex points follow the same logical pattern as the feet

Hand Maps and Reflex Areas

  • Reflex areas are on the front and backs of the hands.

  • Pressure sensors in the hands allow us to communicate with others and to manipulate our surroundings, carrying out daily tasks, and using the tools and equipment that we routinely employ in the performance of those tasks

Left Palm

  • Correspond to the left side of the body

  • Head and neck area

  • Tailbone located near the wrist

Right Palm

  • Correspond to the right side of the body

Top of Left Hand

  • Series of banded reflex areas

  • Left side of the head to the left knee

  • Groin, lymph glands, and fallopian tubes

Top of Right Hand

  • The waistline can be found at the base of the long bones

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