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Cold Stone Facial

Cold Stone Facial you may ask!!!! When I hear cold I start getting cold myself! But this facial sure does wonders for those suffering from migraines and headaches! We all know that one person that is always having a headache and complaining!

The cold stones used are made from white quartz and marble! Clear quartz is highly prized for its ability to clear the mind of negativity, and to enhance higher spiritual receptiveness. It is considered the master of all healing crystals due to its ability to magnify or amplify healing vibrations of other crystals.

The stones are placed in a bowl of ice water and ice cubes! The stones chill in the bowl for about 30 minutes, getting them super cold! The stones will get about 36 degrees!! The stones are then placed all around your face and neck! The stones are placed on your face for about 10 minutes! While the stones are on your face you will also enjoy warm towels wrapped around your feet!! You are then treated to a facial massage!

This treatment is an effective way to promote relaxation and revitalize the mind and body!

Headache and Migraine People

The Cold Stone Facial is just for you! When you have a headache or even a migraine that means you have to much blood in your brain! By placing the cold stones on your face the coldness will constrict the blood vessels in your body. This will reduce the overabundant blood flow to the head and brain with cold stones, thereby normalizing the blood flow. Also by having the warm towels wrapped around your feet, that will help pull the blood from your head to your feet!

Benefits of Cold Stone Facial

  • Helps reduce facial puffiness

  • Removing excessive heat from the system, leaving the skin toned ad refreshed

  • Help relieve sinus tension

  • Reduce nasal swelling and sinus inflammation

  • Helps TMJ clients

  • Helps rid of tired eyes, dark circles or eye bags

  • Helps headaches

  • Reduce pain in the injured muscles or tissues

  • Reduce menstrual discomfort (bloating, cramps)

  • Lift depression states

  • Increase overall energy levels

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