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Respect Massage

I, Courtney Hutson and Head to Toe Oasis have a ZERO policy for inappropriate behavior or conversation. 

There is absolutely no sexual component to massage whatsoever. Any insinuation, jokes, gestures, conversation, or request otherwise will result in immediate termination of your session and refusal of any and all services in the future. 

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Respect: Headliner
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Respect: FAQ

What is the Movement?

Massage therapists can easily tell what massage establishments are legitimate and where someone would go to get a happy ending. For some reason, the public doesn’t quite get it. We invest time and money going to school, becoming licensed, and in some areas getting fingerprinted and a background check, and we are still lumped in with sex workers? Wouldn’t it be simple if you could hang a sign on the door of your business stating that you don’t mix sex and massage? It CAN be that easy.

Why Join the Movement?

By becoming a member of the respect massage movement, you are saying that you are a legitimate, educated massage therapist that does not sexualize massage therapy. For this movement to be successful, we must spread the word. We need to inform the public that a member of the respect massage movement is a trained and legitimate massage therapist who does not entertain sexual advances or include sexual services in their massage practice.

How to Support the Movement?

We need to make “respect massage” represent two words that will deter sexual solicitors from coming to your practice. Let’s create transparency in our profession and make it abundantly clear that we are not sex workers. Let’s stand together, as massage therapists, to fight against sexual solicitations. Let’s put an end to the uncomfortable texts, phone calls, and office visits.

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